About Me

Welcome to Meeken's Diary!
Hi, I'm Yang Heng. You can call me Meeken, too.
I am a developer using Python and javascript, mainly do design and Web front-end development.
I am also an orange cat who loves FURRY things very much :3



I discharged from the armed services and gone on to College.
I suspended my studies in my sophomore year.
I'm starting up with my best friend Ivy.
This is our project: Authing.

Social accounts

Github: https://github.com/Meeken1998
Gitee: https://gitee.com/meeken
WeChat: jb-mao
Mailto: meeken@authing.cn
V2ex: @meeken
Weibo: none
Twitter: none


Web 前端工程师中的弟弟
前端社畜,偏爱 FURRY
现居杭州 深圳 宁波



  1. 右边那只猫好大,可以弄小点哇

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    1. @LF112

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